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Have you ever wanted to bounce an idea off someone who will listen in a neutral way?


Would you like to work through a challenge in your personal or professional life?

Do you have a goal or project you are trying to achieve?

Consider hiring a personal confidant.


Instead of advice,  your personal confidant works with you to help you find your own solutions through conversations by: 

  • Providing fresh perspectives

  • Facilitating increased confidence

  • Developing goals and solutions


Undertaking sessions will help you improve both your personal and business life.


How do we get started?


Buy me a cup of coffee and we can explore what you're looking for.  


Once we have worked out a program that best suits you, we will begin the sessions. 

Payment and fees

For the pre-session, all you need to pay for is my coffee. 

Thereafter, every session is a flat fee of $150

If you are a road warrior, Skype/Google Hangout options are also available. 

“Getting through my issues with self confidence / self esteem has been a daunting task for me for a long time, not knowing what or how to overcome my emotional and psychological barriers. Zurina guided me through overcoming my fears with a lot of patience and kindness. Her skills as a coach and her nature as a person paved way for a better me - whereby I am now able to voice out my thoughts or opinions openly where necessary. The best thing about Zurina is that I could completely trust her when it comes to finding a way to seek solutions to my problems. She keeps me in check - being honest and kind at the same time - to ensure that I don’t fall back into my old self. Her positive and cheerful vibe makes it easy for anyone to feel comfortable around her. She gives 110% in what she does every time and she is my go-to person when I feel stuck and need guidance.
Thank you Zurina for the tools you have given me to conquer my fears - I will not be where I am if it wasn’t for you.” - DJ
"I have known Zurina since 2005 as coach and mentor, and still benefit from her questions and reflections.

By walking the talk and focusing on the resources at her disposal, she unleashes the unused potential in her clients. This approach really benefitted my personal career. If you ask me, what makes Zurina unique as a coach and personal confidant are her extraordinary management skills. In the coaching sessions, her clients benefit from Zurina's natural ability to set goals and define strategies to implement in daily life.

If you want to make the decision to reach the next level in your performance, I highly recommend Zurina as your coach." - MR
"Zurina is a very calm and wise individual. She really helped me to overcome my divorce situation when I was blaming myself for everything and feeling very lost in my situation. She helped me to understand where I stood, to appreciate the learning of the present situation. And more importantly how to move forward gracefully without grief and anger towards anyone, especially myself." - SM
"I've always had trouble sticking to a plan because of other distracting seemingly better ideas. Zurina helped me put my thoughts into focus and helped me create sustainable systems to my work ethic, which allowed me to distribute and put my energy into what truly mattered in building my business. She is the person I go to to settle my scattered thoughts, so that I can move forward and be productive. My productivity levels have increased massively since seeing Zurina and I truly appreciate how much she's helped me." - CM

I’ve worked in start ups, medium sized organisations and large corporations for over 25 years working in a variety of industries and with a lot of different people. Through my different roles I have worked as a coach, mentor and trainer - helping people develop as individuals. My ultimate goal - to work with people to plan, help them succeed and to enjoy life to the fullest.

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